Opkit’s core feature is the ability to define and trigger automated phone call tasks. When you create a task, you must specify the target phone number and the information that you would like Opkit to collect. You must also provide any relevant context that may be required during the call. Opkit’s AI will subsequently place an outbound call to this phone number, conduct a conversation (relying on the provided context when necessary), and collect the information you asked for.

In most cases, the task will be fulfilled by a single successful phone call. However, in some cases, such as when the first call is unexpectedly disconnected, multiple calls may be necessary. Thus, a task can be associated with one or more calls.

Tasks can be created manually through the dashboard, programmatically through the API, or through a custom data-sharing process established between Opkit and the customer organization. Task results are generally available within 24 US business hours. This turnaround delay is due to the fact many target phone numbers are inactive or unavailable outside of EST business hours. In most cases, tasks results are available within 1-2 hours. When tasks are complete, their results can be accessed through the dashboard and API, or delivered to your organization through a custom data-sharing process.

Opkit uses a combination of AI and humans-in-the-loop to ensure tasks are completed successfully 100% of the time.